SVA-side event planning and more for COP21

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As regards side-events - the space for registering with the UNFCCC is from June 30th to July 3rd - the Secretariat prefer side-events coorganised by many actors and at best including a party government.
The window for registrering side-events with the UNFCCC for COP21 is narrow - between 30th June and 3rd July.

Side events being considered by SV partners known to us so fare are the following:
  • Sri Lanka: Government has confirmed to coorganise with SVA - Vositha is contact person - but focus is likely to be only on Sri Lanka
  • Cambodia is suggesting a joint side-event with ACT alliance with experience from different countries - not yet confirmed
  • Vietnam is exploring the opportunity for a side-event with their government
  • CANSA might have a side - event -
  • SVA Secretariat have asked CAN-I if they will set a side the side-event for Southern civil society advocacy - so we could present JPA and a country case here
CISONECC Malawi ask if any have plans for approaching country -negotiators to promote the JPA in negotiations. They have good connections to the LEG - group (LDC Expert Group) through a member from Malawi - and are planning a session to prepare Malawis input for the COP.

The best option in my view is to have a side-event where we can present several country cases plus the JPA. To make that happen we still need to find an organisation with observer accreditation who is interested to organise an event with such a theme.

An extra challenge is that the UNFCCC usually require observer organisers of side-events to include a Government party as co-organiser.

Please add more ideas on organising opportunities for organising side-events at the COP21.
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