The INDCs - an opportunity for getting adaptation and JPA high on the national climate change agenda

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Can the JPAs inform the preparation of INDCs by government in the run-up to COP21? This was one of the suggestions raised by the SVA advisory board in the meeting on April 8th. In the Nairobi workshop we did not have much time to discuss this option, but I will encourage SV-Adapt partners to consider the opportunities to engage in the INDC processes.

We learned in Nairobi that the NGO Forum in Cambodia is planning a workshop covering both the NAP, INDC and the JPA. The Salvadorian Round table is engaged in work on the INDC. And Issa from Niger mentioned that his country is finalising their INDC - and that a CARE Niger colleague has been involved in the process. So at this pace we could be able to share lessons and reflections based on experiences and plans from Africa, Asia and Central America.

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  • Hi everyone!

    On March 20th, the Salvadoran Roundtable on Climate Change publisiced a statement in the absence of public information on the degree of progress in the preparation and submission of El Salvador State´s contribution to the process of negotiation of a new global agreement on climate change, to be adopted late 2015 in Paris. We believe that INDC are the main way how parties can have an active, responsible and transparent participation in the process of negotiation from june in Bonn through november in Paris in the context of the UNFCCC. At the same time, INDC are the current means to push our governments to establish authentic and legitimate frrameworks on adaptation, and it is here where JPA are so important that should be considered in this advocacy actions during 2015 and beyond. 

    I am attaching the statement that our Roundtable on Climate Change issued on March, and I hope that it is very helpful for all you, as it has considerations of responsabilities and commitments for many ministeries, state bureaus and even the congress.

    Later, I will share with you other statement that was issued in late april (yes when we were in Nairobi), by which we recommend a process at national level to promote the prepararion and submission of INDC, in the basis of the studies that should have been done in the processes of preparation of national communications (specially the second one), BURs and NAMA. This is only in spanish, but I will try to translate the main issues into English. 

    Also, we will be publicising othe submission this coming days, that is a call to all civil society for engage in the commitment to advocate governments worldwide to submit INDC in the way to reach a new Accord that should be fair and effective.  I will share this one with you, our SVA partnerrs, as a contribution with your advocacy process. 

    Let us know what your are doing about this issue. 

    Best regards, and greegints from El Salvador !
    STATEMENT ON INDC Salvadoran Rountable on CC [F][20Mar2015_Eng].pdf
  • Dear Southern Voices colleagues and friends:

    Now, I would like to share with you, the call that the Round Table on Climate Change of El Salvador has launched, in order for peoples, and non-governmental actor and stakeholders get more involved in the process of INDC preparation, in the context of the negotiation of a new Accord on Climate Change in 2015. 

    It is very important to note that in parragraphs 4, 5 and 6, we refer, although no specifically to anyone, to aspects of methodologies and guidelines that can be helpful in the preparation of the INDC. Here is where JPA and methodologies to evaluate vulnerability, impacts and adaptation become helpful; as they are helpful too in the preparation of NAP and other tools for a better adaptation. 

    I hope that this document is helpful for your advocacy in the context of SVA and other activities. The call is available in Spanish, English and French, and is attached to this post. You also can find out in Scribd:

    IF YOU AND/OR YOUR ORGANIZACION/NETWORK WANT TO support our call, visit the site of  ... It is easy, and it does not take more than 2 minutes. Your sign can be visible or not; you can decide it, and you do not need to have an account in Change to access the call and sign it.... ! 

    The most important thing is that:
    - This call opens the posibility to use JPA in the national INDC processes...
    - The call can be used as a reference document by you
    - Its content can be used to advocacy, as we consider that it is our contribution to all civil society

    Thank you very much; and let us know what you are doing about INDC and advocacy in the road map to Paris, in regards of positions, submissions or propposals to press our governments world wide to enable better policies for a timely and appropriate adaptation, following criteria as JPA are...!

    Best regards!

    Salvadoran Round Table on Climate Change

  • Dear Southern Voices colleagues,


    It is myu pleasure to share with you the joint CSO perspectives on INDC development in Cambodia. We influenced the INDC process through two key approaches:


    1). sharing joint CSO perspectives (see attachment)

    2) the consuultation on INDC organised by the Ministry of Enviornment (MOE) on 16 September 2015. The consultation is based on the draft INDC by MOE. According to the draft INDC paper, Cambodia can reduce 27% (3,100 Gg) by 2030 compared to the BAU level. A photo of consultation: 

    Keep in touch!


    kind regards,



    DCA/CA Cambodia



    FINAL CSOs perspective on INDCs_16072015.pdf
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