2nd Meeting, African Team -27th January 2015

The African team of SVA will having a meeting on 27th January to share updates and plans.


  • We are delighted to share African experiences of advocating for pro-poor adaptation planning. Watch this space.
  • Here is the Agenda for the Africa Meeting - as sent by Herbert in his mail:

    The final agenda of the
    meeting is as follows:

    1) Sharing progress of
    work and plans for the coming period;

    2) Preparations for CBA
    9; and

    3) SVA Discussion Forum

  • Everybody on board at 14:11 Participants: Heather and Herbert from Malawi; Gertrude from Abantu (Nafisatu on maternity leave), Kepha from NCCK Kenya, Issa from Nigeria, and Elves, Vivaldino and other colleagues from Mozambique.

    Welcome from Herbert - Agenda item 1 updates
    1. Heather update from Malawi:
    Funds reached in December - we are now picking up. Participated at COP20, met with other SVA-network members. Shared JPA with other stakeholders. Developed the advocacy strategy on the JPA - will guide our plans in 2015. Focus on strategy is to influence Malawi national adaptation plan - it should be based on community based processes, include all stakeholders, not only those involved in environment. also a national budget allocation in 2015 is key, and to have access to information. These are the keyissues we highlighed in our NAS-report. WE also focus on having a vulnerability assessment in the 1st quarter. We plan dialogue meetings with decision makers. To promote participatory scenario planning - we hope this will infomr the Malawi Meteorological policy. We will partner with another programme (did not catch) these plans in first half of 2015.
  • Update from Gertrude from Ghana:
    Greetings from Nafisatu who had a healthy girl last year.
    ABANTU has shared experiences on the JPA on a couple of platforms: A climate  finance group established with Ibis we made a research in four districts. Published in Daily Graphic - lessons from the JPA published nation-wide. There is need for more capactiy building on the JPA. We hope to do a big media campaign this hear. Another engagement is with the Min of Environment - a validation workshop - november 2014 - we shared on the JPA with the expert group validating Ghana's climate policies. We tend to continue deliberations and to include in Ghana's policy. 3rd: ABANTU hosts a Gender Coalition - here we have also shared on the JPA in the coalition, through a capacity building workshop.
    Herbert questions of research in four districts: So it is on how resources are used in districts - Key findings: no specific funds allocated to climate change - but funds allcoated are grants to specific related purposes not named as CC, and not channelded through Min of finance. Will be sharing final research findings later.

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    Update from Kepha NCCK Nairobi: Standing in for Susie Ibutu - Programme Director
    funding received October. We have linked up to a national CC networks - the Kenya CC Working Group - we jointed the COP20 discussion forum - to fix positions towards LIMA. Meeting with programme staff to share JPA and the project outline, on 8th January. How can they be replicated in other programmes with other funding. Planned county meetings - where we will mobilise support for the CC bill - to be presented to the national assembly. The Bill waiting for 3rd reading - the CC Working Group working with MoE is senzitising the legislative arms in two chambers in parliament and the county asssemblies. Hope bill will be passed in February - then the focus will more be on implementing the bill advising government. County forums of religious leaders will be mobilised during this week, on CC issues to push for CC in county assemblies. Also a national forum of religious leaders will develop a strategy for supporting the bill, through the NCCK advocacy wing. When the bill is passed, counties will have to take their own CC initiatives.
    Herbert: Have you identified strenghs and weaknesses in the bill? Kepha: the three counties have been selected based on their vulnerability - and they will assess if the bill will actually be able to address the challenges they face. Agrucultrue, health and infrastructure has been devolved / decentralised - we expect them to address CC in those fields. To identify issues which need to be incorporated. limited space to influence the bill - in our perspective, JPA most of them are taken care of in the bill.
  • Mozambique - Elvis - talking on behalf of the Platform. Vivaldino speaking for Elvis, Yolanda,
    Contract signed late, also national elections had negative impact on activities. Research committee with five memebrs from different organisations has been formed to ensure quality assurance. Then the outline for the research has been definde, and it has been finalised and approved. Government entities have been approached to provide the base material for the research. So now we will have a meeting to launch the project with all relevant actors - this was  delayed because the elections - so it is planned for 29 January.

    The objective of the meeting: Government, private sector, media and multilateral - UN - agencies will be invited to learn about the Climate Change Platform. We will share the key idea of Southern Voices and the JPA. We will ask them about their contributions, and possible cooperation in the project. First section of the research is based on testing principle A - to which extent is the policies inclusive and participatory. Tomorrow we will receive first draft of the research.

    Peter: Has the template and the assessment tool be relevant Vivaldino: We are still using part of the criteria - they helped us focus our research and efforts.
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    The assessment tool: Herbert asks if other networks have had a look at the tool, to assess the status of the adaptation policies.  This was not the case. Peter promised to send it round, since he has not succeeded in uploading it in the discussion forum.

    Update from Issa in Niger:
    Not yet started - a delay in finalising the contract with CARE Niger the Platform met last Sunday to update the action plan.
    Peter apologized that the long delay in finalsiing the contract. Today the contract with CARE Niger has been signed -and CARE DK has asked for the funds request so funding can be transferred and implementation start.
    In the skype chat, Issa added:
    For the moment we have no funding elsewhere but we have partnership promises for this year 2015 with the Embassy of France through the French Development Agency, and WaterAid Niger
    [15:13:05] Peter Klenow With: Thanks a lot - what about Oxfam?
    [15:15:22] Issa Garba Tahirou: Yes, we would have a meeting for the beginning of February for partnership arrangements and funding conditions
    [15:16:32] Issa Garba Tahirou: We would also have the support of ALP for the implementation also our plan to complete the financing of SVA
  • Preparations for CBA9:
    Herbert asked if any SVA-partners had secured
    funding for particiating in the CBA9 and the SVA workshop:. That was not
    the case. Peter added that the Secretariat is hopeful that we will be
    able to secure funding to allow all or most of the SV-network and
    partners to the CBA9 and the Southern Voices workshop over 2 days
    preceding the conference.

    Herbert asked Peter to introduce the CBA9:
    Peter: the CBA's are conferences organised each year by IIED, Bangladesh Center for Advanced study, and a major local organisation in the country where the conference is hosted. Usually the host government also closely involved. Focus is on sharing lessons on experience of working with CC adaptation from the community to the government level. Each year there is a specific theme, last year it was adaptation finacne. this year it is measuring the effectiveness of adaptation. The conference itself will be for four days a mix of plenaries and thematic discussions with various panels. The Southern Voices is negotiating a space to introduce the JPA. Preceding the conference proper is 3 days of field visits to adaptation projects in the host country.

    For two days preceding the CBA9 on 22-23 April SV-Adapt is planning a workshop. The programme is not finalised but key elements will be the following: 1) Sharing experiences from working with the JPA in 12 countries - based on the case studies submitted 2) Updating the JPA to a version 2.0 based on lessons and itputs from SVA networks 3) The way ahead for the SV-Adapt beyond 2015 - A possible extension through an applciation to CISU - deadline Sept. 1st - or other opportunities.

    Herbert asked about the practical arrangements and registration.
    Peter: We have secured early-bird registration fee for SV - participants until February 13th. Secretariat will soon sent out mail to ask who will be nominated by each network, and make budgets so see if we can cover everybody. most expenses will be paid from SV-adapt secretariat. Only after that time SV-participants should register.

    Kepha, Heather, Gertrude,
  • Discussion Forum

    Herbert and the African group is the first mover!
    Kepha, Heather and Gertrude have already established a profile and are watching the notes Peter has taken. Mozambique are getting on boards, only Issa from Niger is missing.
    Peter advised participants to set their notificatrion preferences - so that you receive a notificationo by email whenever a new post of your interest is added to the Forum. Instructions:
    In the menu in the top: press your own name, then to the right press "Edit Preferences" then in the menu to the left, press "Notifications" - then you can click the boxes and instruct the Forum when you wish to be notified.

    We clapped and greeted the African group of piloting the discussion forum!!

    A new discussion category will be opened for CBA9

    the meeting ended at 15:51 with everybody greeting each other :-)
  • Thanks Peter for very well captured notes of the discussion we had yesterday.

    Just forgot to add that we will on 3rd Feb 2015 attend a national forum of CSOs involved in climate Change issues organized by Kenya Climate Change Working Group (KCCWG) and PACJA to reflect on the outcomes of the COP20 Lima conference formulate a strategy of pushing for the resolutions relevant to Kenya. We can share what Kenyan team plans to do with members after that meeting.
  • Malawi is partnering with Enhancing Community Resilience Programme (ECRP) on Participatory Scenario Planning and with Action Aid (Ready for Anything project) on National Budget tracking, analysis and lobbying for finance for adaptation planning
  • \looking forward to the meeting.
  • Looking forward to the meeting.

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