Share your opinion, comments and questions on the climate change advocacy toolkits

From the Southern Voices Secretariat, we are proud to present the English version of the Climate Change Advocacy Toolkits available for download at Each of the nine Toolkits is based on the practical experience by of civil society climate advocates. They have been structured to help you plan and deliver effective advocacy to combat the causes and effects of climate change, to support and protect poor and vulnerable communities, and to ensure that their voices are heard by policy makers locally, nationally and globally. '

We are stronger in our fight against climate change when we work together, and share our lessons and experiences in promoting pro-poor solutions to climate change destruction. This is why we have developed the toolkits and the reason why we invite you to share your opinion and experiences in this discussion forum. We wish to promote the Forum as a space for mutual learning and exchange of tips of the trade for Climate Change advocates -predominantly in the Global South.

If you have experiences, cases and examples which contradict - or complement the advise or the many examples of Southern Advocacy examples - please share. The package include different toolkits To comment on a specific toolkit, you can open a new discussion focusing on that one. If you wish to recommend other tools that can help or supplement ours, you are also most welcome.

The Southern Voices colleagues and partners are looking forward to hear from you!
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